10 Beautiful Patios for Small Spaces

Patios for small spaces can also be beautiful

Beautiful patios do not have to be large to work.  It is possible to design and build stunning patios for small spaces that have the same effect as a large patio with a gorgeous vista.  In our last blog post, we profiled ten stunning patios and decks that had amazing views.  In this blog post, we profile patios that were built in small, enclosed areas that work to completely transform the area from a yard with minimal use to a completely functionality outdoor living area that in some cases, is an extension of the indoor living area.

While there are many large properties with amazing views all throughout San Diego, especially in La Jolla, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, and to a degree Encinitas, and Carlsbad, there are many more residences with very limited to no views in smaller spaces that can be just as transformed with the addition of a beautiful patio.   This includes to a degree many of the homes in the communities of Point Loma, Mission Beach, and Pacific Beach.  The patios profiled below work wonderfully to transform in what could be a small, grass-covered backyard with minimal uses into a stunning outdoor living area that has many different uses.

A second notable benefit to the patio designs profiled here is that by replacing lawns and small gardens, these spaces are transformed into drought-resistant uses and settings that do their part to reduce water use.  At the time of this writing, California is in the midst of a historic drought.  Any type of landscape that requires minimal to any water will have an impact.

1. Private Patio in a small space

The patio shown below transforms a small, enclosed space into a beautiful, private area that can serve many different purposes.  The setting below appears to consist primarily of concrete, rocks, patio furniture, an umbrella, and large planters surrounding by a small number of shrubs and fruit trees within rocks.  Everything works together very well to transform the space into an outdoor extension of the indoor living

Small Private Patio

2. Small Patio with Canyon Views

The patio below is perfect for a small area with a view.  The view can be an ocean view, city view or canyon view.  The materials used include a concrete pad, concrete pavers, a concrete wall with an integrated wood bench and a barbecue.  This setting works to transform an area that may be otherwise unusable into a perfect party setting for a small group of your closest friends.

Patio with Canyon Views

3. Above ground wood deck surrounding pool area

The example below is brilliant in its execution.  This patio features an above ground spa, Jacuzzi, or stationary lap pool.  It also features an integrated living area complete with a table and pillows.  The entire setting does a fabulous job of integrating both the water area and tree into the wood deck.  While this patio setting does not use concrete, it shows that wood can work as an alternative to concrete or gravel in certain settings.

Above Ground Deck

4. Multi-level concrete patio with integrated seating and flagstone walls

The example below has large concrete pavers on the lower level with integrated concrete seating, all within a small garden area.  The top level is also made of concrete and has a wood and glass protective railing.  The garden area is also multi-level with planters constructed of flagstone.  The centerpiece of this patio setting is the walled fire pit with one side having a full-length circular wall, also made of flagstone.

This particular design does a tremendous job in my mind of completely transforming  the area into a stylish and functional living area.

Multi Level Concrete Patio

5. Concrete patio in a drought resistant garden with concrete planters

The example below beautifully illustrates how a patio can be used as a way to make a backyard space into an open, drought-resistant living space.  This patio features a concrete pad with an integrated concrete planter surrounding by drought resistant landscape.

Concrete patio in drought resistant garden

6. Covered-patio

This particular example is a bit different than the other patios profiled in this post.  However, I really like all that was done in a relatively small area.  The matching wooden gate with the bottom of the patio cover creates a striking contrast to the rest to the surrounding area that works to create a very simple yet complex living area.  The integration of the chandelier and integrated lighting work to make an area that is usable 24 hours a day.

Beautiful covered patio

7. Fully-enclosed patio

This particular patio is very successful in converting an outdoor area into an extension of the indoor area.  This is accomplished with the wrap-around outdoor couch and coffee table.  I also particularly like the integration of the vegetation into the patio and the use of the potted plants.

Fully enclosed patio


8. Open patio and living area

This particular example is perfect example of a patio that will work in an older and smaller backyard.  This could have easily have been a dried up back yard but instead was converted into an outside living area with the addition of a small in-ground fountain, concrete pavers and pebble in-fill.  The outdoor furniture completes the transition to an outdoor living room

Open patio


9. Partially enclosed patio and living area

This particular patio features concrete pavers with grass growing between the pavers.  The seating area around the outside of the patio is made of the same wood and is painted to match the house.  The seating area is also cushioned and is broken up with the use of a painted concrete planter.  The most interesting feature about the patio below is the wooden structure over the patio area giving the appearance of a roof.  One could also add a sliding roof structure on rails using the design below to make the patio area truly convertible.

Partially enclosed patio

10. Open patio as art

The patio area below seems to serve artistic purposes over utility but is nonetheless, very well executed.  The patio area has a concrete border around the patio with a gravel infill.  The small shrubs surrounding the patio area work to frame the area.  The center piece of the patio area is of course the chrome sphere in the center of the area.  The two cushioned chairs work to transition the area from art to a living area.  Lastly, the angular features of the patio area and shrubs work very well with the angles of the Spanish-themed house.

Open patio as art


I hope that the patio areas profile here show that one does not need an expansive area with spectacular views to create a beautiful patio area that works.  Most of the patio areas are within small enclosed areas and work to completely transform the small backyard into a functional outdoor living area that is in many cases an extension of the indoor living area.

A second benefit to the patio designs profiled is that many of the gardens are drought resistant.  By removing vegetation and replacing it with concrete and rocks, water consumption is further reduced.  This is especially important now that San Diego and the rest of California are suffering the worst drought in the history of the area.

We would like to hear your comments on the patios profiled above.  Contact us or call (760) 419-5552 with questions or to request information about your patio or deck.

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