August 2015

Top Trends for Decks in San Diego in 2015

Interest in decks made of composite materials and multi-level decks continues to increase in San Diego

San Diego is known around the World for our fabulous weather and beautiful coastline amongst other things.  As a result, it would be expected that there are many properties in San Diego that have world-class patios and decks or are the perfect setting for a beautiful deck.

We at Republic Construction Inc. specialize in patios and decks.  They make up most of our business and have done so for many years.  As a result, we wanted to share the trends that we are seeing in San Diego as it pertains to decks.  This blog post looks at the top trends for decks in San Diego in 2015.

Most of the trends we are seeing pertain to decks in San Diego revolve around composite material decking.  Related trends are curved designs and colored decking, specifically gray decks.  Curved designs and non-wood colors can be difficult and costly to realize with traditional wood deck materials.

 Composite Decks

People with whom we speak with have been asking about composite material decks over traditional wood decks for the past couple of years now.  Composite deck material is often made of a combination of recycled plastics and wood fibers and offers advantages over traditional wood decking.

Composite material deck

Lower maintenance over traditional wood is one reason for increase in popularity of composite deck material.  You don’t typically have to stain or maintain composite material decking as you do would with a wood deck.  Additionally, some woods are susceptible to splintering, warping and cracking without proper maintenance.  Homeowners do not experience these problems with decks made of composite material.

We have been seeing the popularity of composite material decks increasing over the past couple of years now.  We expect this trend to continue going forward.

Colored Decks

One of the benefits associated with composite decks is that composite deck materials are available in different colors other than brown or beige.  The most popular non-wood color is gray.  While composite deck manufacturers offer traditional lumber and exotic wood patterns, more people seem to be asking about non-wood colors such as different shades of gray.  Charcoals shades of gray seem to the be the most popular non-wood colored deck material.

Gray composite deck

Along the same lines of colored deck material, people are asking about two toned decking board within composite.  Instead of just one solid color, people are looking at hardwood themed composites that will consist of two or three different colors just like you would see with oak or mahogany wood.  Interest in wood-patterns applies to both wood-colored and gray composite deck materials.

Common deck accessories  such as railings, handrails, gates, and posts for deck lighting are also available in the same colors, shades, and materials as the composite material planks that are becoming increasingly popular.  The end results are beautiful color-coordinated decks that are built for both beauty, utility and safety.

Curved Decks

Related to increase in popularity of composite decks, people are asking for curved deck designs.  Composite deck material can be heated and because of the plastic component, it can be transformed into many different shapes including curves and designs.  When the composite deck material cools, it maintains the same shape as when heated.  As a result, we are seeing curved deck designs that were are very costly and difficult to achieve with traditional lumber.

Curved design deck

Many of the people who are asking about decks made of composite materials are also interested in curved deck designs.

Multi-level decks

People seem to be increasingly steering away from single level wood decks.  More people seem to be asking for multi-level deck which is not the same thing as a multi-story deck.  A multi-level deck is a deck with two connected entertainment areas whereas a multi-story deck has two separate entertainment decks, often times with one entertainment above or below a second entertainment deck.

Multi-level deck


Multi-level decks allow guests on a main deck to easily interact with guests on another level.  Additionally, multi-level decks allow for more flexible designs than a single-level deck and offers more flexibility in terms of working with the contours of the underlying land.

Lighting Changes

Lighting has always been an important component of a deck project for many people.  Clients are moving away from lighting above the deck using poles and other temporary solutions to more permanent in-deck solutions.

In-deck lighting

People are increasingly asking for more permanent solutions installed within the deck itself.  Accented lighting has become important.  This is lighting that accents a design element of the deck itself.  It can be the deck, steps within the deck, unique designs, walls or poles surrounding the deck.

While always important, design and aesthetics seems to have become even more important and attainable with the composite deck materials we have to work with.

New lighting options do not necessarily have to add significant costs to the project.  Solar and low-voltage lighting options will only nominally increase the cost of the project.


Composite material decks are a bit more expensive than traditional wood decks.  We are seeing composite material decks cost between 10 and 20% more money than traditional wood decks of equivalent size.   However, composite material decks don’t have the maintenance expense that comes with wood panel decks.  Decks made of composite material do not have to be refinished and cleaned as is recommended with traditional wood decks.


While, we still see a lot of interest in traditional wood decks, interest in decks made of composite materials is increasing.  We don’t think that this trend is going to change in the near future.

Trends we have seen increase in popularity in 2015 are:

  • Composite decks
  • Related to composite decks, colored decks
  • Also related to composite decks, curved design decks
  • Multi-level decks, and
  • Changes in deck lighting

These trends are likely to continue going into 2016.  At the same time, we are monitoring the market place and will report what we are seeing in future blog posts.

If you have questions about wood decks or composite material decks and which is best for your project, contact us or call us (760) 419-5552.

About Republic Construction Inc.

Republic Construction Inc. is a general contractor in San Diego.  We specialize in patios and decks and proudly service the communities of Point Loma, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, La Jolla, Del Mar, Fairbanks Ranch, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, Oceanside, and the rest of San Diego County.

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How to Prepare Your Patio or Deck for Winter

Strong El Nino weather conditions expected for San Diego

This coming winter, weather forecasters are expecting strong El Nino weather conditions  for San Diego and the rest of Southern California.  How to prepare your patio or deck for winter?  This is a question that many of our clients have been asking us.

El Nino is defined by a prolonged warming of the Pacific Ocean sea surface temperatures when compared with historical average temperature readings.  This anomaly typically happens at irregular intervals of two to seven years, and lasts nine months to two years.

Map of El Nino 2015

El Nino in San Diego

El Nino weather conditions impact weather patterns around the World.  In the United States, El Nino causes warmer and drier than average winters in the Northwest, Northern Midwest and upper Northeast United States.  Significantly wetter winters are present in Northwest Mexico and the southwest United States, including central and southern California.

Earlier this month, experts started to predict that El Nino weather conditions this winter in California could exceed historical records.  Over the last few months, sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean have soared to more than 1.2 degrees Celcius.  There were other atmospheric changes such as a large warm area that has moved eastward.  As a result, these same experts are predicting that there is a 90 percent chance that El Nino weather conditions will persist through the Fall and Winter months.  When it peaks, signs are indicating that it could be a very strong event, potentially exceeding El Nino weather events tracked since the 1950s.

There is a very good chance that El Nino weather conditions may impact communities, homes and businesses throughout San Diego and Southern California.  San Diego emergency officials announced preparation plans for a strong El Nino on August 10, 2015.

Mission Beach flooded

Many of our clients throughout San Diego have been asking us about what they can do to prepare their patios and decks for El Nino this winter.  Here is some of the information we have been giving them.

Prepare your patio or deck for a wet winter

As a homeowner in San Diego with a patio or deck, there are several things you can do to prepare for a wet winter as a result of El Nino weather conditions.   The first thing you can do it store or secure your patio or deck furniture.  With the possibility of high winds and flooding, unsecured patio furniture can be thrown against your home, your patio or deck or elsewhere in your backyard, causing damage to not only the furniture itself but also to surrounding structures.

If your patio has drainage, be sure to keep drainage systems open as clogged drains can cause flooding.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prepare your patio or deck for a wet winter.

  1. Thoroughly clean it
    The first thing to do to prepare your patio or deck for winter is to clean it thoroughly. Make sure to remove all of the dirt, fungus, mildew, algae, rust stains and anything else that has accumulated over time on your patio or deck.
  2. Repair any damaged boards or areas
    When cleaning, look for damaged areas such as rotting wood or exposed areas.  With wet weather, such damaged areas are likely in increase in size leading to growing repair costs.  Replace rotting or damaged boards and fix any damaged areas.  Addressing such damage at this point reduces repair costs down the road and prolongs the life of your patio or deck.
  3. Reapply Finish and Stain
    If you removed finish that was deteriorating or bad, you will need to replace it in order and keep your deck or patio looking best.
  4. Apply a water seal
    After you have applied a finish or stain, you should seal your deck or patio with a water repellant. This will enable your patio or deck to withstand the water and moisture it will endure throughout the summer months.  If you choose to not apply a water seal, the wood surface may start to crack and become warped resulting in possible damage and additional repair costs down the road.

Closing Thoughts

While it may take a bit of time and money to prepare your patio or deck for a wet winter in San Diego, it will not cost a lot of money to purchase the products needed to properly clean or seal your patio or deck.

In our experience, the time and money you spend to prepare your patio or deck for a wet winter, will be time and money well spent when your patio or deck looks great in the Spring.


If you are busy or don’t want to deal with the work involved in preparing your patio or deck, consider giving us a call at (760) 419-5552.  We are patio and deck experts that can help you protect your patio or deck from El Nino weather conditions predicted for San Diego, but also any other possible patio or deck issue you can encounter.

About Republic Construction Inc.

Republic Construction Inc. is a general contractor in San Diego.  We specialize in patios and decks and proudly service the communities of Point Loma, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, La Jolla, Del Mar, Fairbanks Ranch, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, Oceanside, and the rest of San Diego County.

Republic Construction Inc. services include:

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