About Republic Construction.

After 20+ years of industry experience and research working with San Diego customers, we developed what we call the Republic Construction Process.


Our Process Works!

We focus on your objectives, and work closely with you throughout your construction and restoration project to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Republic Construction Inc. is a general contractor based in San Diego that specializes in patio and deck new construction, remodels, and repairs.

Initial Conversation

During our initial conversation, we discuss your specific situation, addressing any questions or concerns you have from the start.  We can also provide you with any additional information you need, and we will arrange a time for us to meet at your convenience.

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Due Diligence

Our team will verify all the information you previously provided to ensure complete accuracy.  We will make sure your cost basis of securities is accurate and ready, and we will gather further information for your analysis and project.  During this meeting, we can also present you with an overview of our company, and our promises to you.

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Formal Presentation

Together we will review your detailed project analysis and recommendations.  You will be supplied with a written report for your reference, and we will address any further questions or concerns you have.

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Project Management

Your deck construction or restoration project begins, and is monitored daily. We keep you informed throughout your entire project, and so we can hold ourselves accountable.

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