Patio and Deck Ideas for San Diego – June 2015

San Diego is the perfect place for a beautiful patio or deck for your home.  We have some of the best weather in the world where it is sunny and mild year round.  We also have some amazing coastline and views that combined with the weather make a patio or deck a necessity for your home.

We have scoured the Internet looking for beautiful patios and deck ideas for San Diego homes.  When looking, we tried to focus on patios and decks that would work best for many of the style of properties in various San Diego communities such as La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Leucadia, Carlsbad, and Oceanside.   The examples below were selected because of their style, design, originality, elegance, and execution.

Tuscan Style Patio

The example below has a strong Tuscan influence and features beautiful flagstone flooring with a wood ceiling and tile roof.  The hanging chandelier is a particularly elegant touch that works to give this patio strong romantic flair.

This particular patio design would be complementary to some of the Tuscan-themed homes and developments in Del Mar, Solana Beach, and Encinitas.

Patio design ideas BL001-1

Contemporary Modern Patio

This striking contemporary patio has flagstone flooring with rock sidings giving the area a lovely natural feel.  Surrounding the pool area is a steel and glass railing which contrasts nicely with the natural flooring and sliding.

Contemporary Patio - Republic Construction San Diego

Simple and Elegant Patio

This patio is striking in its simplicity and elegance. It features a concrete and pebble flooring with a partial inlaid wood ceiling and matching wood deck surrounding the spa. The pool is an infinity pool with a steel and wire railing surrounding the spa area.

Simple and Elegant Patio - Republic Construction San Diego

Beautiful Deck and Garden

This deck has natural wood flooring with one side of the enclosed area featuring the same type of wood. The three other sides of the deck are inlaid with flagstone and steel tubing providing railing that surrounds the entire deck area. The steel tube railing while the railing surrounding the entire deck area has steel tubing inlaid which creates a striking contrast with the natural materials.

This particular style of patio and deck would be amazing in some of the homes surrounding the lagoons in Encinitas, Solana Beach, Carlsbad and Oceanside.

Natural Deck - Republic Construction San Diego

Gorgeous Wood Deck

This wood deck is beautifully integrated into the forested surroundings of this property. The wood is sanded into a smooth surface and constructed into a visually appealing symmetrical pattern.

Gorgeous Wood Deck - Republic Construction San Diego

Partially Enclosed Wood Patio

This partially enclosed patio and deck features a light colored wood flooring with a nearly full-length glass enclosure and wood ceiling with recessed lighting. Visitors step down into the deck area which is made of slightly darker grained wood. To create a natural border between the patio and deck, there are wood planters made of the same wood as the deck area. This patio and deck area is absolutely stunning.

Partially covered wood patio - Republic Construction San Diego

Stunning Natural Wood Deck

This particular deck really stands out in how it has been integrated into the surrounding landscape, specifically the tree. The dark polished wood deck showcases the texture and color of the tree in addition to the other natural elements. This particular design would be ideal for properties in the hills and semi-rural communities of La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Ocean Side and inland North County

Forest Deck Pool - Republic Construction San Diego

Forest Deck house - Republic Construction San Diego

Amazing Patio with Ocean Views

This particular patio area is along the lines of many of the homes that we see along the Coast in the communities of La Jolla and Del Mar. The patio area is made flagstone and the integrated ceiling overhang features recessed lighting making it perfect for cool summer evenings.

Patio with Ocean Views - Republic Construction San Diego

Flagstone Patio with Wooden Trestle Cover

This covered patio area has flagstone flooring with the roof area supported by large beams. There is also an integrated bar and kitchen complete with barbeque that is integrated into the wall of the building. This particular set up is perfect for entertaining or barbecuing any time of the year in San Diego.

Patio with Wood Roof - Republic Construction San Diego

This covered patio features a brick flooring, flagstone and wood sidings and wood ceiling. The patio openings are protected with painted steel and glass railings. It also features a kitchen area for evening barbeques.

Evening Patio - Republic Construction San Diego


We really hope that you enjoyed reading this post as much as we enjoyed making it. The team at Republic Construction Inc. has the knowledge and experience to design and construct patios or decks similar to the ones posted in this blog post.

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