Deck Repair Services in San Diego

Refinish your deck to preserve its beauty but also to protect your investment


An Expert Will Not Only Refinish Your Deck but also Repair Damaged or Broken Boards.

Even though you live in San Diego, it is recommended to refinish your deck to not only keep it looking new, but also to protect it from the elements.  When refinishing your deck, you should also repair damaged and broken boards.



Why is refinishing my deck a good investment?

Refinishing your deck on a regular basis protects the wood from the elements increasing the useful life of your deck.

Refinishing your outdoor deck is to restore your wood deck to its former glory. Wood decks can take a great deal of abuse from sun, rain, dirt, and foot traffic because it is a flat surface. Over time, use and weather will naturally oxidize the surface of the wood causing inferior deck coatings to fail prematurely.

Republic Construction Inc Deck Refinishing Services
Our deck refinishing process begins with a thorough cleaning of the wood’s surface to remove oxidation and dirt. After the wood has thoroughly dried, we closely inspect deck, repairing any damaged boards. Once completed, we then start a detailed sanding process to remove any dirt or oxidation that may have remained after our cleaning process.

Sanding opens the pores in the wood to allow the protective coating adhere correctly. Once the sanding process has been completed, the wood is treated to restore it to the same look as the day it was completed. The final step is the application of a protective coating in the color and shade you so desire.

Republic Construction Inc specializes in outdoor decks and patios.  Contact us or call (760) 419-5552 for information about our deck refinishing services.

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