Deck Refinishing Services by Republic Construction.

Deck Repair and Maintenance Tips to increase the useful life of your deck.


Looking to increase the useful life of your deck?

Inspecting your patio or deck regularly looking for loose boards or broken pieces and fixing them, can greatly increase the useful life of your patio or deck and prevent costly repairs down the road.



Are you looking for expert deck repair services or maintenance tips?

Republic Construction Inc. of San Diego are experts in deck repairs and maintenance. We specialize in all things related to decks and patios.

A home deck can provide a beautiful and relaxing spot for you and your loved ones to enjoy the outdoors. To get the most out of your deck, it is important to stay up to date on your maintenance in order to ensure the longest life on your deck.

In addition to waterproofing decks and patios, Republic Construction can help with repairing your deck. Decks, patios and pedestrian walkways are our focus.

Deck Repair and Maintenance Tips:
Whether you maintain your deck yourself, or hire an expert like Republic Construction Inc., consider the following suggestions:

  • Check for damage: Look for damaged or missing wood by gently pressing a screwdriver into the wood. If it goes in easily or you see surface fibers pull back without much effort, then it is highly recommended to replacy the wood with new boards.
  • Ensure a clean finish: When it is time to finish your deck, be sure to check your damage using the method just described. Before you finish your deck, make sure you replace damaged boards.
  • Clean your deck: The best way to clean your deck is to use a power washer to remove dirt and mildew. You can rent one if you don’t already own one. You may have to scrub your deck in certain spots.

Regardless of what deck repairs and improvements you need to make, Republic Construction inc can get the job done.

In no time, your deck will be the attractive, safe and secure part of your home that you would have always wanted it to be.

Republic Construction Inc. specializes in outdoor patio and deck work. Contact us or call (760) 419-5552 to discuss our deck repair services or how might help you.

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