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Patio Covers – Choosing the type that will work best for your needs


How do you make your patio usable every day of the year?

By adding a patio cover to your patio or deck, you make your patio usable every single day of the year regardless of whether it is raining or it is too hot.



Do you need help finding which type of patio is best for you?

Republic Construction Inc has experience installing patio covers throughout San Diego and can help you find the best type of patio that will work best for you.

San Diego has arguably the best weather in the World. It can also get pretty hot and many homeowners love to have a patio to relax in and a patio cover to provide shade on those hot days.

A permanent patio roof can be made from wood, aluminum, metal, vinyl, or cloth. Patio covers are usually also the first step to a fully enclosed patio structure. The most common types of patio roofs are referred to as awnings. There are two types of awnings. The first is a static awning which is a permanent structure covering a patio area. There are also retractable awnings.

A permanent patio roof structure is built from the house below the gutter and extends the width and length of the patio, supported by posts along the longest edge. This type of patio roof cover can be constructed using a variety of materials. Wood, aluminum and vinyl are the most common materials used for permanent roof structures. A roof enables you to enjoy your patio or deck year around.

Whether you go with one type of patio roof over another is going to depend on the style of your home and patio space. With patios and decks being what we specialize in, Republic Construction Inc. can help you decide upon the best roof for your needs. We are also experienced in all phases of patio roof construction from design, permitting, if needed, and construction.

Republic Construction Inc of San Diego can help you with your patio design project.  Contact us or call (760) 419-5552 today to discuss your project or how we can help.

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