Deck Waterproofing Services by Republic Construction.

Protect your Investment with Deck Waterproofing – Avoid costly deck and patio repairs.


Protect Your Deck or Patio:

A new deck or patio adds another “room” to your home. It can provide a private sanctuary to unwind after a busy day, or a vibrant new space to party. Attention to the care of your deck or patio will ensure its long life and add to the value of your home when you’re ready to sell..



Why Should You Waterproof your Deck or Patio?

Decks will warp as the rain or water soaks the wood and the wood is not treated.

Waterproofing your deck protects it from discoloration, warping, cracks and splits from sun, wind and rain. Before we start a deck waterproofing job we choose a waterproofing sealant based on:

• The type of wood used to construct the deck
• The deck coating that was used previously (if any)
• Whether or not the client wants a stain or natural color

Sealing your patio is equally important to avoid future patio repair costs. Over time, sun and rain can cause patio color to fade, sand between stones to wash away and gaps to appear between pavers.

We consider using a penetrating sealer, which is flat and soaks into porous concrete and masonry, or a topical coating, which covers the surface and comes in clear, translucent or opaque color and your choice of a gloss or matte finish.

How often should you consider deck waterproofing and patio sealing?

That depends on the type of original coating, the amount of foot traffic, and environmental factors in your part of San Diego county. We recommend waterproofing your deck and sealing your patio every two years to preserve their beauty.

Republic Construction can help you select the right deck waterproofing sealer or patio coating to protect your deck or patio. Or, let us do it for you!

Contact us or call (760) 419-5552 today to discuss your deck waterproofing project and how Republic Construction Inc. can help.

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