Spanish Patio and Courtyard Ideas for San Diego

San Diego is famous around the World for its weather.  San Diego is also famous in some circles for it’s influence on Spanish architecture.

The Birthplace of Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture

Spanish architecture as an architectural stylistic movement in the United States can be traced back to the Panama-California exposition of 1915 in San Diego.  The Panama-California Exposition was held in Balboa Park between January 1, 1915 and January 17, 1917.  It was meant to tout San Diego as the first US port of call for ships travelling north after passing westward through the canal .

Architectural elements of Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture

Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture became an architectural style movement from 1915 to 1931 that started in California and Florida.  Architectural elements that characterize Spanish Colonial Revival architecture include:

  • Curves and arches
  • White stucco exterior and walls
  • Painted tile
  • Terracotta roof tiles
  • Tower like chimneys
  • Balconies
  • Ornamental iron work
  • Courtyards and patios
  • Arcades

Spanish Courtyards and Patios

Since we, Republic Construction Inc. of San Diego specialize in patios and decks, I am going to focus on Spanish style patios.

While there is no shortage of beautiful examples of Spanish architecture in San Diego, I have recently had clients ask me for patio ideas that would work for home in San Diego.  In doing research, I found several examples of Spanish patios that really stood in their beauty and how well they would work in several communities throughout San Diego including homes and communities in La Jolla, Del Mar, Encinitas, and other San Diego Cities

Spanish-style Patios

Spanish-style patios are characterized by the use of tile, brick or flagstone flooring.  Walls can are often made of stucco or brick and can have integrated seating, a fireplace or planters.

Among some of the higher-end properties with Spanish-style patios or decks, homeowners will incorporate an outdoor kitchen or cabinets that also have a Spanish theme.

Many of the covered Spanish-style patios that we see either have wood covering as illustrated in the example below.

Spanish Patio example

Many luxury Spanish style homes will often have covered patios under arched ceilings that are characteristic of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture.  These structures will often have the terracotta roof tiles that are also characteristic of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture.  The patio below has an integrated outdoor kitchen which is perfect for entertaining.

Covered Spanish patio

Many of the Spanish style patios that we see rely on extensive use of plants for decorative purposes.  Plantings within terracotta pots are quite popular as are integrated planters as illustrated below.

Spanish style patio

Spanish-style Courtyards

A courtyard is an area without a roof that is completely or mostly enclosed by the walls of a building.  Courtyards and patios are characteristic elements of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture.

Many Spanish-style courtyards and patios that we come across share many similar features including tiled or brick flooring, stucco walls, and the extensive use of plantings for decoration.

Often times because open Spanish-style patios are set within beautiful landscapes such as coastal settings, the reliance upon plants and vegetation for decorative purposes will not be as apparent as with Spanish-style courtyards.  Since beautiful scenery is lacking with courtyards because of use of walls, much effort will be made to beautify the open area with plants and vegetation.  As a result, it is common to see lush landscaping in Spanish-style courtyards within both integrated planters and terracotta pots.

Mediterranean patio

The Spanish-style courtyard below uses large tiles as flooring and pink stucco walls with an integrated fountain.  It also has plantings in terracotta pots and vines growing on the wall.

Spanish influenced patio

Spanish-style courtyards and patios do not need to be fancy to function as a beautiful and practical setting.  The patio setting below works very well with simple brick flooring, white stucco walls and integrated planters that can also providing seating.  The use of a simple table and wood bench works to make the area functional.

Small Spanish Patio

The Spanish-style courtyard in the setting below does is very simple in that one wall incorporates a large brick wall between two white stucco walls.  It also features large brick tiles as flooring and relies on extensive use of plants and vegetation for decorative purposes.  Consistent with Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, a wood door is used to provide access between the Courtyard and the outside World.

The usability of the area below can be greatly increased with Spanish-style furniture such as a wood table, seating and benches.

Typical Spanish Courtyard

Patios and courtyards that are not Spanish-style

Beautiful patios and courtyards are not limited to only Spanish-style architecture.  Persian-inspired courtyards and Mediterranean patios share many of the same architectural elements with Spanish-style architecture.  This includes the use of bricks and tiles, arches, stucco walls in the case of Mediterranean architecture.

The two architectural styles below both feature the use of plants and vegetation in terracotta pots as a decorative highlight.

Mediterranean courtyard

A big difference between Mediterranean patios and Spanish-style architecture seems to be the use of pastels and lighter colors in the case of Mediterranean architecture.  In the example below with Mediterranean patio, it has all of the same timeless elements that you would find with a Spanish-style patio.

Mediterranean patio


Spanish-style patios and courtyards can provide a timeless and beautiful living space in many homes within the many communities within San Diego County.  With the use of Spanish-style furniture and plants in either integrated planters or terracotta pots, a courtyard or patio can be converted into a practical and beautiful setting within your home.

We are experts in patios and decks throughout San Diego.  Republic Construction Inc. is available to help you design a Spanish-style courtyard or patio in your home or business.

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